elogiando la libertad hymning freedom panama greece

"Elogiando La Libertad" "Hymning Freedom"

Panama-Greece 1821-2021: 200 years of common independence

"ElogiandoLaLibertad" "Υμνώντας την Ελευθερία" Παναμάς-Ελλάδα 1821-2021: 200 χρόνια κοινής ανεξαρτησίας


"From distant Greece, we address a greeting of honour to our beloved Panama for the completion of 200 years of its independence and we express our deep desire to bring through art and culture even closer these two states that are forever connected by the sea and shipping, while sharing common principles, values, goals, thoughts, and ideals."


Julie Lymberopulos

Ambassador and General Consul of Panama in Greece.



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